Sensitivity to noise varies from individual to another;
however Children make up a special risk group.
Kids need to be able to hear their very best in order to
develop and use their speech, social, learning, and
listening skills. Even a mild or partial hearing loss can
affect a child's ability to speak and understand
language. Temporary hearing loss can happen after
kids have been exposed to loud noise for any period of
time. They also may experience ringing in the ears
(called tinnitus) and/or a feeling of their ears being "full."
With temporary hearing loss, hearing frequently returns
to normal. But kids can suffer permanent hearing loss
when they're exposed to loud noise.


Peltor Kid hearing protectors effectively attenuate
harmful loud noises without shutting out other ambient
sounds. The hearing protector is easy to wear and is low
profile and no protruding parts.

The wide, foam-filled ear cushions ensure that the set
doesn’t squeeze uncomfortably and there is plenty of
space for the ears inside the shells. The weight is also
important to comfort. The Peltor Kid weighs just 140 gms.

The Peltor Kid is CE-approved, meets EN352 standards
worldwide and fits children from birth up to age 7.
The Peltor Kid comes in four characteristic colours – neon pink and neon green – for high visibility and fun, Red and Blue – for a little prince or princess.

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Pink and green cotton drawstring bags £3.00
(Only sold with hearing protectors)
peltor kids pink peltor kids green Princess in Red Prince in Blue

From £16.95 including VAT & Free UK Postage & Packaging

HML indicates the hearing protector’s attenuation of high, mid-range and low frequency noise

SNR= Mean rating, attenuation in dB

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